Victor Valley High School Student Releases Fundraising App – Mobile Application Curriculum Success


CTeLearning is excited to announce that Victor Valley High School has pushed their first fundraising app up to the Play Store.  Ms. Roderick’s class at Victor Valley has worked closely with the VVHS Drama Department to create an app to help generate funds for and upcoming event in Scotland.

The app makes money for the cause in 3 ways. First, with the purchase of the app for $0.99 all the proceeds go to the trip fund. Second, the app promotes a creative fundraising event where a student can donate to put a kilt on their favorite teacher for the day.

This is done by what we believe is the world’s first teacher “Kilting” simulator (ya gotta try it). Thirdly, the app delivers video explaining the purpose of the trip and links the user to a “gofundme” account.

This is the first year for Ms. Roderick implementing our Mobile Application Design and Development Industry Certification Curriculum.  Tomas is the lead student creator on this project. This was all done by Tomas from what he learned in the course and really shows what students can create.

We are very excited to congratulate Tomas , Ms. Roderick, and the students of Victor Valley High School Mobile Application Design and Development Course on bringing this first app to market.

Click Here for video – Click Here to see their app in the Google Play Store

Oh yes, please buy the app. Help Tomas help the VVHS Drama Department.

If you want to learn more about Ms. Roderick’s Mobile App Course Curriculum then click on the link below.

Click Here for video – High School Students Create Fundraising, Educational and Business Apps