Click Here for video – High School Students Create Fundraising, Educational and Business Apps

CTeLearning is excited to announce that Victor Valley High School has implemented our Mobile Application Design and Development Industry Certification Course.

Ms. Roderick at Victor Valley High School is turning out the first Mobile Application Design students in the region. Her Students are creating fundraising apps, educational apps for her district and business apps for local non-profits as Ms. Roderick facilitates her students through this media rich career course to learn the basics of coding and app design.

Upon completion of this course, her learners may earn valuable industry credentials by completing the certification exam right there at Victor Valley High. Through this course, the students build a robust portfolio of mobile applications.

A career ready portfolio that is proof of the student’s growth and understanding of app coding and design. The Applications they create are all theirs to continue to develop and market. STEAM careers are the fastest growing and Victor Valley is giving its students a chance to test drive this high demand career.

As part of this industry certification training, the students will learn more than just coding. They will also learn about intellectual property, user interface design, project management, workplace ethics, and how to sell their apps in the global market.

Preparing them to think like savvy app design professionals and smart technology industry leaders. Along with this dynamic STEAM course, Ms. Roderick’s students may also compete in an international mobile application design competition. We are very excited to have Ms. Roderick and the students of Victor Valley High School as part of our STEAM career team.