New Intern and Hopeful Team Member at CTeL

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CTeLearning would like to announce it newest member of the online course management team. Libby will be interning with CTeL over the next few months as she finishes off her undergraduate studies in obedience and house (office) breaking. CTeL is known for hiring based on passion, and Libby’s “rescue” past shows us she can overcome adversity. As a company that firmly believes in Daniel Pink’s observation that “Persistence triumphs talent” we look forward to Libby showing us that she has the personality to stick to it and help foster collaboration, lower stress, and inspire out of the “dog carrier” thinking in others. We look forward to seeing her grow into her new career and her ears. All of us at CTeL congratulate Libby on her new position with us.

New Mobile Application Design and Development Course with Industry Certification

mobile app

We are excited to announce that we have added a new industry certification course to support the fastest growing technology segment world wide. Each day over 1 million new mobile phones and tablets are sold. Each new device needs apps. Who will be creating all the apps needed to support this growing demand? Why Not Your Students? Give your student the chance at a fast growing career with our Mobile Application Design and Development Course. Check out the course under our Online Courses Tab.

Career Themed Courses – Get your students ready for career and college.

Using our hands on career themed courses your students will have a learning experience that models working inside a cutting edge industry and for an exciting dynamic company who gives them the chance to learn and use new skills, technology and critical thinking to help others. Each STEM project based learning experience is different and your learner may be required to create a new design, build an innovative new product, or solve a customer’s problem. Along the way, they will:

  • Receive simulated faxes, emails, and voicemails from their “boss”, “customers” and “co-workers”
  • Gain introductory industry certificates with industry endorsements in selected skills (such as CAD, programming, or web design)
  • Research solutions to their problem, using actual scientific articles
  • Design products (such as landscaping, animation, video games or home designs)
  • Create presentations of their work and designs for targeted audiences
  • Learn about different careers

We have secondary and post-secondary versions of our STEM career simulations available.

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Benefits of using our system

There are four key benefits that educators and students realize when
using our system:

  • Engages students so that they stay interested and focused on learning.
  • Aligned with standards to enable students to perform better on national and state assessments.
  • Teaches 21st century skills that prepares students for future careers.
  • Includes the resources and unlimited support teachers need to be better prepared to manage their classrooms more effectively and efficiently.