I just read this today. It comes from Forbes and I was blown away by the statistics. One Million STEM / STEAM jobs unfilled in the US?blueline2

“Even as the housing market recovers today, the construction industry is playing catch up. The National Association of Home Builders reports that, although the residential construction industry has gained more than 433,000 positions since the lowest low following the Great Recession, the industry remains more than 1 million workers short of the workforce seen at peak 2006 levels.

Home building and home services businesses are stunted. Construction is expected to add jobs at the second-fastest rate among U.S. industries between 2014 and 2024, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts, but business owners are struggling to fill open positions.


America’s skills gap across the tech industry

We’ve heard plenty about America’s skills gap across the tech industry, but a skills gap is also hobbling construction — and it’s delaying building projects, shrinking building inventories, and inflating the cost of homes and home-related projects. The knowledge and skills necessary to repair our toilets, install our furnaces and build our houses are dying on the vine. And, unless we want our grandkids growing up in primeval teepees, we need to work quickly to fix it.” Fortune Magazine (Fortune Insiders) April 24th, 2016  

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