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The Random Knowledge Enthusiast

Welcome fellow Random Knowledge Enthusiast.

First, the good stuff.
Please enjoy this scholarship offer, for a limited weekend you can become a freelancing remote working genius. It comes with an industry certification, giving future employers absolute confidence that you can work in any environment.

The scholarship saves you money only if you sign up between Friday and Sunday. After you are enrolled, you will have 30 days to complete this 4-5 hour course and download your industry certificate. You do not have to complete the course this weekend. However, those who do will get a shout-out from me and RKE.

Signup and take advantage scholarship and help support RKE. 

Scholarship period ends at:

By purchasing courses, you are helping to fund future The RKE projects. Thank you very much for your support, and please check back regularly. We will be offering some fantastic training pieces in the near future.

RKE is proud to say that we secured a 45% discount for our RKE TikTok fans for this scholarship weekend.

Join with us, and become successful!

Remote Worker Woman Laptop Wheelchair