NEWS: Hays High School Introduces New CTE Programming to STEM Education Classes

Press contact:
Steve Waddell
(913) 764-4272

HAYS, Kan.  (Nov. 6, 2017) – Hays High School became the first school to integrate CTe Learning’s newly updated iVGD program earlier this fall and instructor Lindsey Hart says it has simplified her lesson planning significantly.

“Teaching the iVGD course has been great for me and my students,” Hart said “Having the curriculum all set up for me is amazing. My students have enjoyed doing a variety of hands-on lessons prior to the coding lessons.”

Hart specifically used the iVGD Coding and 3D Video Game Design Course, which is one of about a dozen courses offered by CTe Learning. As part of the course, they were one of the first groups in the country to deploy the new Flying Monkey STEM activity and game. One of five new game activities in the newly updated course.  

“The course brings in a variety of curricular areas, including science, math and technology,” Hart said. “They are even incorporating ELA in their text adventure story games. I like that they work as interns to learn and create their games; this will provide a real-world experience you don’t get in many classes.”

Hart took over the program this fall from longtime CTe collaborator Jeanie Michaelis and immediately expressed interest in continuing the trailblazing programming.

“What we love to see is rural STEM education schools whose students are coding and creating at the same level and any large city or suburban school,” CTe Learning founder Steve Waddell said. “Coding is one of those careers you can do anywhere and current trends suggest that 50% of the US workforce will be freelancing by 2020. There is no reason why students who may not grow up in close proximity to a high tech region cannot learn and earn their way into high demand fields they are passionate about. Today you can work from anywhere for just about anyone. All you need is the passion and the skills.”

CTe Learning was started in 2003 with a goal to bring the best STEM / STEAM Career education to students around the globe and embolden the workforce of the future through fun and approachable online-based courses.