Haven, Kansas February 1, 2017 – Five Haven High School Students completed their industry exam for the Mobile Application Design and Development industry credentials. Once again the industry professional association WebProfessionals.org and course provider CTeLearning.com are proud to congratulate these students for receiving their certifications associated with Haven High’s Mobile Application Design and Development course.

Future Ready STEM

Future Ready STEM

Haven High School is in its third year teaching this Mobile Application Design and Development course. The educator responsible for this success is Jessica Wilson. Ms. Wilson teaches and other Business, Career and Technical Education courses including Web Design and Coding & 3D Video Game Design. This recent success is certainly showing Haven High as STEM/STEAM Career powerhouse.

As of this year, Haven High School students have received the most industry credentials in the region.

No other school in the region has had as many students sit for and pass the industry exams for Web Design, Mobile App or Video Game Development.

Not only did the students create a number of apps, build a future-ready portfolio, but have now added industry credentials they can show college recruiters or future employers.

A Shout Out and Congratulations to Principal Marty Nienstadt and Asst Principal Katelyn Thomas for their students’ latest STEAM Career success. Their support has helped make all this possible for their Haven Students.

Special Thanks to Lindsey Young of The Clarion for sharing the paper’s announcement.

Have Fun – Steve