Mobile Application Course

Mobile Application Course High School Students at Cape Henlopen HS

Today in Lewes Delaware at Cape Henlopen High School Ms. Elzey’s Mobile Application Design Students had a “Developers” meeting with Steve Waddell the Founder of CTeLearning.

Steve is the co-author of the Mobile Application Design and Development Industry Certification Course that Ms. Elzey has chosen to use at CHHS.

Steve had a great time with some of the CHHS students Danny, Zach and Troy. The discussion was not only on the 12 apps the students would build during the course, but also included trends in the mobile app industry, career pathways, and building your own app.

The big message was how important it is to learn to think like a coder and how that skill set is key to success in today’s career market place.

Steve challenged the students with the idea that there is no reason to wait to create an app. If you have an app idea, great then make it. Why not? This course was designed to help you do just that.