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Introducing Platform-Agile STEM Courses – STEM Education in California

At the rate technology is evolving, it can be a challenge to teach coding & video game design in California. Our mission is to run and teach web design run effective and provide practical STEM education to high & middle school students in California. This is a coding course to help with STEM education in California. It’s not enough just to teach students, but instill in them a love and understanding of technology, as well as the foundational skills they need to succeed with more advanced courses.

    At CTELearning, we understand the challenges you face: training, time, tech issues and budget restraints. To help you to learn quickly and efficiently, we’ve developed a series of web-based courses that can be used on any device, that are easy on the teachers, IT staff and your budget.

  • Improve the success of your 1-to-1 and BYOD programs.
  • Platform-agile courses and curriculum is available whether your district uses Chromebook, Macs or PCs, iPads or Android tablets for all your STEM Education in California.

  • Unleash the power of personalized learning.
  • Districts placing increased emphasis on personalized learning have options for STEM, STEAM and CTE classes that go beyond existing courses – this will help with your coding course in California.

  • Instill a love of technology and learning.
  • Educators agree it is essential that students begin STEM education earlier rather than later. Students immersed in the basics from an earlier age can more naturally acquire advanced skills to teach coding in California.

Not convinced? That’s cool… we love a challenge.

Here are a few more reasons to consider CTE Courses for STEM Education in California.

Online Courseware That Generates Success in California

For Administrators

Easy to deploy courses for first-time educators, as well as battle hardened veterans in California.

• Standards-based
• Optional industry certifications
• Free CEUs
• Budget friendly
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For Educators

You’ll enjoy teaching STEM and your students will think you’re a rock star. And you will be! Be the best in California!

• Media-rich
• Project-based learning
• Simple to facilitate
• Fast, friendly educator support.You’ll enjoy teaching STEM and your students will think you’re a rock star. And you will be!
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For IT/Tech Directors

We spent months developing these to make your life easier. Frankly, you’ll wonder how we did it.

• Simple licensing
• Web-delivered content
• Web-based interactive tools
• Designed to work with PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad and Droid
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So, Why Us?

Since 2003, we have enjoyed partnering with educators to create and deliver the best and most innovative CTE, STEM and STEAM courses in California and throughout the nation. Our personalized approach helps educators gain the tools to make each moment count for their learners.

Our media rich, highly interactive approach to online and blended learning is allowing educators to adapt, change, and reshape the way they teach. We strive to make CTE and STEM/STEAM courses in California simpler to deliver, user friendly and more accessible to all without sacrificing the fun, excitement, and discovery that is great teaching.

Stories Of Success

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Don’t be shy, we are very friendly unless you are trying to take the last jelly donut out of the box in the breakroom – then things can get a bit ugly. Send us a message – we are waiting on you.

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