Building Green and Residential Architectural Design Course receives the University of California a-g Approval

Our Building Green and Residential Architectural Design Course just received the University of California a-g Approval.   We are having a great year. Building Green has always been one of my favorite courses. While in high school I dreamed of designing my own house. When I was 28, I got to do it (in CAD). Then, Better Homes and Gardens interviewed me for an article written about what it was like being my own architect. My wife will tell you that I was not that great of an architect because the kitchen does not have a separate pantry… but hey, it was the first house I ever designed. Anyway, I remember the excitement if sketching out ideas in HS, and I would have been an architect had I not gotten the bug for engineering. I hope all students will feel the excitement of designing and creating living spaces. Building Green is now in its 5th generation. This course, like all our courses, has been going through our Platform Agile makeover. Course-ware runs on PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad, Three UC a-g’s – Fantastic year for us. I know,  I know, I  keep saying it but really – Awesome work team.  – Steve