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  Why does CTeLearning.com pay for educators to become part of the Web Professionals Association?   "I believe it is important that educators preparing students to go into high demand and high paying web industry jobs have access to all the benefits of being part of the Web Professionals Association," says Steve Waddell, Founder of CTeLearning.com. "Our teachers go through our personalized training, and they begin to facilitate classes that lead their students to industry credentials

In honor of Pi Day we all watched our favorite Pi Video. I take that back. The furry intern did not seem to care and just went and crawled under a desk and slept through the video. But she has never been good at math. Have fun - Steve  

Over the next decade, web and mobile application developers will be in higher demand than just about any other profession. People are relying on apps in their daily lives more than ever before, using them for health, banking, business, entertainment, social networking and more. In the coming years this trend will only continue to grow. According to the occupational projections website Projections Central, companies in the United States will fill over 250,000 app developer

The industry professional association WebProfessionals.org and curriculum provider CTeLearning.com are proud to congratulate the latest industry certification earner, Misty Ayim. Misty completed the Web and Mobile Application Design and Development course as an online class through her beloved University of Texas at Austin. Web and Mobile Application Industry Certification Course Not only did Ms. Ayim complete the course, but she built numerous web and mobile apps as part of her studies to add to her

Are you looking to help your students make it big in the digital world? Do you want to help them become leading candidates in the most high demand STEM careers? Between the videos on web development available online and HTML, JavaScript, and CSS courses, your students may have the theoretical knowledge on how website development works. But it is the practical knowledge and experience that helps a student learn the intricate details of web development. That