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  • Platforms – PC, Mac, Chromebook
  • Length – Semester
  • Career Cluster – Health Science
  • Industry Certifications – Not Yet
  • Level – High School
  • Course Delivery – Blended Learning, Online
  • Student Competitions – Not Yet
  • CEUs – Available for Teacher Training
  • Prerequisites for Facilitator – None
  • Prerequisites for Students – None
  • 3rd Party Tools – Yes

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Fall 2018 Release (Course in Revision)

What is Biotechnology? It is utilizing our growing understanding of the cellular and biomolecular processes to create new products, advanced technologies, and support life sciences research.

Every day we hear about new drugs, therapies and breakthroughs that are curing diseases, growing more food, and improving our quality of life. But, what does all this really mean? It is a hot career with job opportunities at all education levels.

Biotech sounds new, but in reality we have been applying our scientific understanding of life for quite some time. Around 35,000 years ago the dog became man’s first GMO. 6,000 years ago man was making cheese, yogurt and bread all showing that our ancestors understood how to use microorganisms to improve and preserve food.

By design we have made this course easy to deploy. Lab simulations, expert videos and tutorials means teachers and students alike need no previous advanced science or biotech experience.

Along the way they will learn critical STEM skills, develop confidence, and build a college and career ready portfolio. Let this be an exciting introduction and great first step towards advanced education or a biotech related career.

Some of What Teachers Can Expect Students to Achieve

  • Understand basic concepts of Biotechnology and Life Sciences and how they are used in creating new products, therapies and advanced research.
  • Understand basic lab safety, safety equipment and safety protocols.
  • Understand why we use Genetically Modified Organisms and the debate surrounding this topic.
  • Understand how to use key lab equipment, including Micropipettes and scales.
  • Understand the fundamentals of lab math including Units of Measure.
  • Learn and demonstrate an understanding of Solutions, Dilutions and preparation of each.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the BioEthics of human DNA.
  • Understand the value of Bioinformatics to accelerating life sciences research.
  • Able to analyze, test and critically review their work and use feedback to improve.
  • How to present an idea or study to a target audience.
  • Understand the legal issues including privacy, copyright, and information security.
  • Create a Portfolio that demonstrates an understanding of the basics of biotechnology, lab safety, and basic lab skills.
  • Learn about biotech careers with entry levels from post-high school to post-doctorate and the preparation needed to get hired.

If you are interested in providing students with marketable skills and an education that prepares them to make a difference in the world, this is the course you have been searching for.

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