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About Us – Vision, Mission and a Dog

  /  About Us – Vision, Mission and a Dog

Thousand times a week we engage learners and inspire them. We help educators to challenge their students and put them onto a path to great high demand careers.

But it’s not just our courseware that makes us great, but the connections we make with our client educators, and, in turn, their learners.


LIbby – Our Rescue Puppy and Furry Intern in charge of fallen crumb management, welcoming all visitors, and pushing for balance in the world (that meaning equal time working and rubbing her belly).

We know that our educators only have a moment in the life of each learner to make a difference. It is our job to help make those moments as valuable as possible to the student. Our supreme goal is to create curricular tools that magnify each educator’s impact and in doing so, to make lasting and meaningful education happen for their students.

Since 2003, we have enjoyed partnering with educators to bring the best innovative of STEM / STEAM Career education globally. We have never thought it necessary to be big. Rather we have always sought to be important. To make the world a bit better for our being here.

Oh, and back to the dog part. Her name is Libby. She is a rescue puppy. She works hard in our office to remind us not to leave our shoes unattended, or sandwiches on the edge of our desks, and to lighten up and chase our tails once and a while.

As a team, we personally and directly support the great work of organizations who inspire us and challenge us to think outside our own daily worries. Each of these groups has in some way touched our team. Our regular gifts are tiny tokens of how grateful we are.